Group photo from our first lookbook shooting.
Moscow, autumn 2018
PRAVDA (which means «truth» in Russian) is a group of friends based in Moscow and advancing BMX street culture. Our band formed in 2010. Since then we made two full-length BMX videos. One of them we were filming for four years in Russia, Spain and Israel. You can read more about our movies and watch all of the videos here.

Since 2016 we have held an annual Street Fame jam. In 2018 it was visited by a record number of people – there were more than 200 BMX riders. Here is the history, memories and highlights of our street jam.

We brought out three paper zines after our trips to Israel with Bespaliy brothers in 2018 and to Barcelona in 2019 and to the south of Russia in 2021 with the whole gang. You can find them in our store or read the pdf version here.

In 2019 we took part in a famous Russian streetwear brand show Faces&Laces dedicated to the history of subcultures. We presented the big stand about the history of BMX in Russia with truly unique artefacts: archive photos of Russian BMX fathers from the beginning of 2000s – Vladimir Kosyakov and Alexander Sokolai; medals from the first competitions; autographs of the first foreign proriders visited Moscow; and digitized VHS cassettes with early 2000s riding.

We honor and obey BMX culture and its traditions.

Read more about us on DIG.
On the Base :)
Barcelona, winter 2019
Our stand about the history of Russian BMX
at Faces & Laces 2019 show
With the winner of Street Fame 2019
Anton Shebeko
Next to the Western Wall with the Bespaliy brothers.
Jerusalem, Israel, autumn 2018