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The coolest thing about riding a bike is your friends, trips, parties and fun. In 2010 we started documenting everything that happened to us and released our first full length video PRAVDA. It is where our story begins.
Shooting took place in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Minsk and other cities.
PRAVDA 14-17
A half-hour film from the streets of Moscow, Tel Aviv and Barcelona starring our guys and friends. Shot in the period from 2014 to 2017.
Street Fame 2018
Since 2016 we have held Street Fame jam. This is the day when guys put on white oversize T-shirts, get cash prize for every trick made and compete for the title of the King of Street title. We gathered more than 200 people for our jam of 2018. Read more about Street Fame here.
Street Fame 2021
The fifth anniversary Street Fame jam took place in May 2021 in Mytishchi and attracted over 200 participants again. Anton Shebeko became the King of Street Fame for the second time in a row.
We went to explore the Middle East together with Igor and Max Bespaliy in November of 2018. Israel turned to be a very picturesque country both for travelling and riding.
PRAVDA Barcelona
Six of us – Saro Grigoryan, Sergey Plaxienko, Alexey Rayzman, Rodion Glezerov, Oleg Kompaniets, Andrey Vasilyev – spent February of 2019 in sunny Barcelona.
We loved that trip so much so we decided to use all the footage left unused in a big video we combined in a documentary series called Barcelona memories.

PRAVDA South Trip
In March 2021, the whole gang went on a trip to the south of Russia. Pasha Sitko, Ilya Usoltsev, Oleg Kompaniets, Anton Shebeko, Alexey Rayzman and Sergey Plaxienko spent 10 days on the streets of Voronezh, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk. Read more on DIG.
PRAVDA Bumper Jam
In the spring of 2019 together with the father of Russian BMX Alexander Sokolai we built a unique figure – a huge grind box integrated into an old American car and held a street jam on it.

In 2021 in conjunction with Solid Ramps and OldsCoolShow we made a cool figure and held the Bumper Jam 2.

PRAVDA х LS trails jam
Video report from trails jam organised together with Alexey LS in the autumn of 2019.