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Cover of PRAVDA Israel zine, 2018
and PRAVDA Barcelona zine, 2019
For the past four years we have been on two big trips. The first one was an Israel tour with Bespaliy brothers in autumn of 2018. After that we spent a month in Barcelona by the whole gang in winter of 2019. After that six of us went on the Russian south trip down to Black sea in the March of 2021. We were not only making the videos but also shooting some random stuff on film cameras. All these footage were special to us so we decided to publish small printed issues as sentimental results of our trips. In addition to the photos, the magazines include our travel diaries of the brightest moments of trips.

Two of the zines were published in a limited edition of 100 copies. The third one which is big 68-pages magazine was released in 50 copies. Rest of them are available in our store. We have also posted an open access pdf-versions of two of our magazines. You can look at them here.
First spread of PRAVDA Barcelona zine, 2019
Tabletop from Oleg Kompaniets in Barcelona

First spread of PRAVDA South Trip zine, 2021